Cyclone Bay is a new and upcoming band that started off as a solo project with the basis of a folky acoustic, ambient, rock style of Allen Cam. It then turned into a funnel of energetic melodic indie/ambient/alt-rock... If it is needed to put into a category.

Cyclone Bay was put together by local HTX musicians that share the same passion for creating music, musical tonality, and most especially the opportunity to share an art form that is an extension of each member.

Cyclone Bay's drummer... DJ, is an artist that applies an extreme amount of energy into the percussive area of Cyclone Bay. He illuminates with a creative outlook complementing his abilities as a drummer, and is just an all around talented person.


Richard, is the completing member that accentuates the round sound of Cyclone Bay. He himself is a classically trained guitarist that also permeates as a bass guitarist. Those qualities shine through the music giving the edge of Cyclone Bay's sound. 

We invite you to our next show around the area, town, or state over.

Cyclone Bay